Expressing Milk with Breastfeeding Pump

Parenthood for a woman especially when she is a new mother is one of the most beautiful and demanding stages in a woman’s life. Pregnancy...
Expressing Milk with Breastfeeding Pump

Parenthood for a woman especially when she is a new mother is one of the most beautiful and demanding stages in a woman’s life. Pregnancy entails many changes in your body and in the process of delivering your baby as well as learning how to feed your newly born baby through breastfeeding takes time. Another helpful aid that may assist you in breastfeeding are breast pumps that are used to express and store your breast milk. Here in this blog post, find out about breast milk expression and useful tips for pumping with Promom’s breastfeeding pump to help moms during breastfeeding.

Why Would You Need to Pump Breast Milk?

A breastfeeding pump offers many benefits for both mom and baby during the breastfeeding journey. The following are some:

  • Stock up your freezer with breast milk before going back to work or school.
  • Let fathers/partners be involved in feeding the baby or let the mother be assisted by the father or partner.
  • Ease any discomfort that may be felt whenever you are too full
  • Increase the supply of milk if it has been reduced after the child has been supplementing with packaged milk.
  • Allow, if necessary, the feeding with the bottle to meet the flexibility of the system.
  • For breastfeeding, take whatever is available or feed your baby breast milk if you are away/unavailable
  • Pump the excess milk to a hospital milk bank.

Proper Pumping Technique

It is therefore crucial to adopt correct technique while performing the process of expressing milk from the breastfeeding pump. Follow these tips when getting set up:

  • Things to do before expressing breastmilk includes relaxing and massaging the breasts to stimulate let down.
  • Make sure flanges are the right size for nipple to have smooth movement inside
  • Position flange directly above the nipple and down piped into a beaker of liquid.
  • Begin at low suction levels and make incremental increases.
  • Do not exceed 10-15 minutes during each pumping session
  • Use breast compression and massage during pumping
  • Each day, pump at the same time for supply accumulation.
  • Change parts frequently for sanitary/performance purpose

Ideally nipples should not be rubbing on the sides of the flange so as not to be irritating to the baby or to have friction. If soreness develops, use a different size or shape in the next session. A lot of pumps come in several sizes so that there is room for appropriate fit. Breast massage and compression also assists in producing sufficient pressure on the breast to empty more ducts completely. It is also possible to change suction modes and strength for the comfort of users as well.

Storing Your Liquid Gold

Another advantage of pumping: Having a supply of yummy breast milk to use when you need it. Follow safe storage guidelines to preserve nutrients and freshness:

  • Pre-cool milk prior to pumping (optional)
  • Freshly expressed breastmilk should be stored in clean sealed bags/bottles
  • Need to ensure that all containers are marked with the date pumped.
  • Consume milk that has been left at room temperature within 4 hours.
  • Refrigerate and use it within a span of four days.
  • Freeze extra milk for the consumption up to 6-12 months.

To prepare frozen milk, one has to defrost the milk in the refrigerator overnight before using it.

It is recommended to freeze milk in freezer bags, milk storage containers, or milk freezer trays to thaw different portions of milk safely. Some pumps also have solutions for storing milk such as bags and trays that are convenient for freezing. As for the pumped milk, they should adhere to the instructions provided for its storage in their product.

Strategies to Make Pumping Easier

A breastfeeding pump is very helpful to moms and babies, yet the process does not occur without exerting some energy and commitment. Here are some tips to help make pumping easier:

  • Take time to watch your favorite program, read your best-loved book.
  • Buy hand-free straps to allow versatility in handling other tasks.
  • Express immediately after feeding the baby especially if supply is plenty.
  • Power pump once a day, as it has been known to increase the supply.
  • It is also advised to take lactation cookies and consume milk-enhancing foods and beverages.
  • It does not refer to consuming just water but all beverages, and it also implies the need to take healthy foods in between the major meals.
  • This is the best time to pump before waking up.

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As with all nursing procedures, pumping entails effort and consistency, but try to look at it as an empowering way to feed your baby from a distance. You need not rush it and try to adopt methods which you think will be most effective in your routine. provides new pumping gear to ensure that working, traveling, and active mothers can easily use them. And if you have the right amount of knowledge and quality products for pumping and providing breast milk for your little one, then you can be assured that you can do so anywhere that life takes you to. Visit to purchase your breastfeeding pump today!