Breast Milk Pump: Tips for Success

Expressing breast milk can be quite challenging especially when a person is new at it since it looks like a daunting process. However, when supported...
Breast Milk Pump: Tips for Success

Expressing breast milk can be quite challenging especially when a person is new at it since it looks like a daunting process. However, when supported by the appropriate instruments and approaches, you can turn it into an efficient one to help you achieve your breastfeeding objectives. Keep reading for our best breast milk pump tips from, to help you have a successful pumping experience!

Find the Right Pump

Knowing what features to look for in a breast pump is important because the ease of pumping and the efficiency depends largely on the type of pump that you select. Double electric breast pump should be used by most moms because it means that both breasts are pumped at the same time to help in stimulating the let-down reflex of milk. has high-quality electric pumps and accessories for breast pumps that are friendly for use and efficient in pumping and storing breast milk. Some key features to look for when selecting your breast pump include:

  • Two-cycle pumping is available to reduce the pumping time
  • Speed and suction power controls for optimal user experience
  • Soft and cushioned breast flanges that do not put much pressure on the breast.

Properly Sized Flanges Are Important

Perhaps one of the most vital accouterments required for enhanced breast milk pump comfort and efficiency is the proper fitting of the breast flanges, the component of the pump that connects to the areola. When one uses the wrong size, one is likely to yield less milk or even get some discomfort.

The range of flanges is diverse and thus can easily meet the needs of any individual who wishes to personalize their car. If you do not know your size, it is possible to offer guidance on how to choose the size and how to try it on. Getting the right flange size is one of the best things that can help you to have a Pumping session without too much pain.

Select a Specific Designated Pumping Location

Make sure to choose a quiet spot to pump and make it a comfortable place where you would want to spend some hours each day. Choose a comfortable area at home, in the office or when traveling in a place that will enable you to have the best pumping experience. Your body responds to relaxation as an opportunity to let down milk. Unlike pumping in a noisy environment, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere is much better and easier to deal with.

Ensure you have a good chair to sit on, a flat surface/sturdy for your pump, and preferably a power outlet next to you in case you need to use the electric breastfeeding pump.

Establish a Routine

It is not advised to get your body into the habit of pumping at a particular time so that time is saved and the production of milk will increase. It is recommended to pump during similar periods of the day to benefit from the body's let-down cycles.

Try to pump every 3 or so hours if only taking straight breast milk or ensure pumping happens at times the baby would feed. Some moms may pump early morning for example, after breakfast because at this time you have the highest supply. It is just identifying the times you can adhere to on a daily basis, even during the most hectic of schedules, so as to acclimate the body into the regular pumping.

Use Hands-On Pumping Techniques

There are several ways in which you can increase the quantity of milk per pumping session and these are through hands-on pumping techniques in relation to pumping or within a short time before or after using a breast pump machine. Manual stimulation of the breasts while pumping also assists in stimulating the let-down reflex since it replicates the baby's process. Make sure to perform the massage around the area of the areola and ensure that you circle your fingers.

One more suggestion is to squeeze the breasts by hand after completing the pumping to make sure that all the milk has been ejected. Limited time can also produce more expressed milk per each session that is collected and saved for the consumption of the baby.

Take Proper Diet & Nutrition and Drink Water Regularly

It is important that mom’s body has enough food to make the milk and that she stays hydrated. Make sure to drink approximately 8-10 glasses of water daily and pay attention to the type of foods that you are consuming along with the amount of calories/protein you need to add to your diet now that you’re pregnant. Meals such as oatmeal, greens, eggs, nuts and seeds, and salmon are examples of foods that offer a lot of nutrient density. Further, physical activity such as walks, prenatal yoga, or stretching also fosters blood circulation and allows pumping.

Finally, do not neglect yourself: mind your health and take care of your body! It is wise to schedule some downtime to free the mind and body from tiredness and seek help from family and friends if needed. One might wonder how a rested mommy is beneficial to the milk supply and the answer is, of course, it is.

Storing and Organizing Milk

When using breast milk pump many times a day, this means massive amounts of milk that require adequate storage. Storage procedures need to be strictly adhered to, to ensure that there is no loss of nutrients and food spoils not wasted. Refrigerated milk should not last for more than 5 days. Ensure you label the milk bags with the date that they were pumped so that you can use the oldest bag first.

It provides some of the most useful products such as bags and containers for storing milk to ensure you can easily access your liquid gold whether at home or when traveling. As with the other pump components like valves and membranes, they also needed to be cleaned and replaced according to the package insertion and thus it is recommended to have a schedule to follow the supply.


With breastfeeding, there are times you may need to pump your breast milk while you cannot be close to your little one, and it may appear difficult to determine how to do so. Having gone through the various tricks that you need to know that will help you in your pumping process such as recognizing the importance of having a routine, relaxation, proper flange sizing, as well as having the best techniques in storage of the milk you are now ready to pump like a pro. To buy a breast milk pump for your needs, visit !