Breastfeeding Pump for Working Moms

Every new mother faces a tough time when she re-joins the workplace after having a baby. The biggest challenge of working mothers is that you...
Breastfeeding Pump for Working Moms

Every new mother faces a tough time when she re-joins the workplace after having a baby. The biggest challenge of working mothers is that you may feel that it is almost impossible to keep up with the demand of providing breast milk for the baby especially if you are away from the baby for 8 or more hours in a day. This is where having the right breast pump comes in; the pump will help her in expressing the breast milk with ease. Selecting an efficient, good quality breast pump that can be incorporated into your working schedule is essential especially for a working mom who wants to breastfeed her child.

Today, we will be discussing the kinds of breast pumps that are available on the market today, the advantages of expressing and what characteristics should be considered when choosing the right pump. Continue reading for helpful advice to help you in ensuring that breast pumping at work will not be a burden at all.

Pros of Expressing Milk

To sum up, to continue breastfeeding and feeding your breast milk to the baby while continuing to work is good for the health of both the mother and the child. Breast milk provides a perfect cocktail of vitamins, protein, fat and antibodies to ensure that your newborn has the best diet. Expressing at work allows you to continue to breastfeed beyond the period you would otherwise be able to breastfeed due to work commitment.

Additional benefits include:

  • It boosts the immune system of your baby
  • Potential decrease in the risk of ear infections, respiratory diseases, and gastroenteritis
  • Reduction in childhood leukemia and SIDS.
  • Ability of children that received breast milk to have their IQ higher.
  • The advantage it has over formula as a<|reserved_special_token_265|> to use when convenient and cheaper in cost.
  • We continue to bond with your baby as necessary

However, with the right breastfeeding pump and set up, breast pumping at work is absolutely achievable and all the fuss is well worth it!

Types of Breast Pumps

There are three main types of breastfeeding pump to consider when selecting a pump to use at work:

  • Manual Pumps: Hand pumps involve pumping a handle or lever through one’s hand to stimulate milk ejection. They are lightweight and can be carried easily, do not have battery powered mechanisms and therefore cost less. But they are time-consuming and take longer than the electrical machines for the same tasks.
  • Electric Pumps: Manual pumps employ a hand crank and to pump flanges to effectively express breast milk while on an electric breastfeeding pump, an electric motor is used. They can be single or double pumps, meaning you can use it to express milk from one breast or both at one time. Manual pumps are time consuming and tiring, and require more effort as compared to electric pumps. These models come with rechargeable batteries or can be connected to a power outlet for charging.
  • Hospital Grade Pumps: These are electric pumps for frequent or exclusive use that are more powerful. It has more power suction and flange style that corresponds to varying shapes of nipples to help mothers achieve better milk flow. Hospital grade pumps are the best for the moms who exclusively pump their babies, however, they are more costly than the other pumps, in terms of purchase price or rental fee.

Key Features to Consider

There are many choices available to you but when it comes to choosing the right type of breastfeeding pump for the active, breastfeeding mom, consider those with functions that can cater to your needs. Key considerations include:

  • Portability + discretion: Whether pumping at your desk or during a meeting or moving between offices, portability and whisper-quiet are a must. Only search for tiny portable pumps or devices or those that are sold with carry bags.
  • Speed + efficiency: Double electric pumps take half the time that you will be required to spend when using single pumps. In cases where the pumping sessions are limited in time, the let down and collection speeds also can play an essential role.
  • Suction strength + adjustability: Hospital grade pumps are designed to have high latch and high vacuum to ensure breasts are emptied well and emptied completely during working hours. Adjustable settings make it possible to set the level of suction according to one’s desire.
  • Flange size + fit: Nipples and flanges, which is the part of the pump that covers the nipple and areola, need to be of the right size to prevent leakages and pain during pumping. Choice of flange size Multiple flange sizes that correspond to the anatomic sizes of the body is desirable.
  • Battery life + portability: For convenience in pumping all through, there are some pumps that come with long lasting batteries hence pumping can be done anywhere without necessarily being close to an electrical outlet. Carrying bags also assist in having all the parts organized and safe from any impact that may occur.

Selecting the most appropriate breast pump is central to being able to breastfeed as a working mother possible and effectively. Choose the pump that will fit into your daily pumping routine and environment and consider the pump type that can be beneficial in terms of your working hours.


It is possible to pump breast milk while still working as a result of the know-how and equipment acquired in this article. It is just a matter of finally getting a breast pump that would allow the performance of a suitable process that will be efficient, flexible, discreet, and all you need. When selecting between the models that you have identified, ensure that you select those that have the features that you want in a pump for your personal use or in your workplace.

Since breast milk has many positive effects on the health of the growing baby, it is advisable to spend some time in order to find the best pump in view of these circumstances. The payoff is getting to prolong breast milk feeding and boosting up the immune system throughout your baby’s infancy. Cheers to reaching all the milestones that come with breastfeeding and being a working, pumping mom. Visit to buy your breastfeeding pump today!