Healthy Living with Breast Milk Pump

Breast milk also contains food that can only be produced by a woman and antibodies that strengthen the immune system of the babies and prevent...
Healthy Living with Breast Milk Pump

Breast milk also contains food that can only be produced by a woman and antibodies that strengthen the immune system of the babies and prevent them from falling sick frequently. It also fosters the mother-child special relationship. As much as breastfeeding may be a beautiful thing for most women, it is not without some difficulties for the nursing mother. Breast milk pump is a very helpful tool when it comes to nursing and there are many high end brands out there such as the Promom breast pumps that make the whole process easier.

Benefits of Breastfeeding Vs. Convenience of Bottle Feeding

Although direct nursing may be the norm, there are certain benefits of breast milk pump, including achieving a better work-life balance with family, work and self after coming home with the baby. The benefits of breastfeeding as well as the convenience of being able to give the baby a bottle now and then allows others to feed the baby - but the issue with early introduction of the bottle Some parents stop breastfeeding too early and give the baby bottles instead, which sometimes make the baby prefer bottles.

If you are an exclusive pumper, having the best breast pump is mandatory to ensure that your baby has the best formula for growth. Promom breast pumps also enable double pumping, which means that you will be able to mimic actual breastfeeding and take less time. Continue to use their hospital-grade pumps to pump breast milk to ensure that the breast milk supply is sufficient to feed the baby as he grows hungrier in the first few months.

Overcoming Breastfeeding Challenges

Some of the common issues encountered by nursing mothers include sore nipples, engorged breasts, clogged ducts, and babies who have difficulty in breastfeeding. There are the consequences that cause frustrations, pains, and even lead to early cessation of breastfeeding than planned. It is much easier when one has solutions and support systems in place when experiencing such difficult challenging situations.

Sore nipples require soothing gel pads in the early weeks of breastfeeding as usual. Breast milk pump can be helpful in massaging the breasts therefore help in unblocking those congested ducts and also assist in supplying more milk if needed. And with better quality breast pumps like those at Promom, that have features to stimulate let-down, it can be rightly said that babies are provided with the requisite nourishment needed to enable them to grow.

Encouragement of Breastfeeding

The World Health Organization recommends that a child be given breast milk for above one year and more. Newborns will require more food as they continue to grow, and your breast will need to provide the same. Promom double electric pumps are very effective and suitable for making your production standard or even better. There is freedom that comes with the wear of the pumps to enable you pump hands-free especially when handling mommy duties.

Whether you are either fully breastfeeding, expressing milk and giving your baby formula or even combining the two, having the right equipment helps to feed your baby on breast milk. From pumps for the ‘on the go’ mom, to powerful pumps meant for hospital use, Promom is ready to revolutionize breastfeeding with intelligent products.

Going Back to Work

It is almost impossible to go back to work and still breastfeed. It may be challenging to identify when to pump some more because of the time constraints it puts into play. Still, a portable and wearable breast pump from Promom enables working or studying mothers to express their milk in a discreet manner or in between breaks without having to leave for a long time.

You have the freedom to set the dials to your preferred level of comfort – whether you’re pumping under your blazer in an important business meeting or in the campus cafeteria in-between classes. Special bustiers, bras or dress backs that are designed for this specific purpose are used to support the pumps and keep them in place without being noticed easily.

Traveling with Breast Milk

Some of the considerations which can be considered as problematic during transport of expressed breast milk include issues such as: keeping the milk cold during transport, passing through security at airports when on a business trip. Make sure to get smaller items such as coolers that are small for travel purposes and gel packs and airport and many other accessories with sleek looks. These products include milk cooler bags which in a variety of sizes for pump parts, bottles and for storage of milk.

You can also get backpacks that can be used to pump discreetly for those who need it on the go and it also features extra pockets for ice packs and loops for pumps. Some of them even feature integrated USB ports which means you can use the device to pump, while charging your gadgets at the same time.


Although the WHA encourages women to breastfeed for a minimum of 12 months, at some point, they are going to reduce the pumping sessions as they introduce other forms of feeding for their children. This process of weaning can result in such complications as engorgement, or even infections if not well done or taken through the right process.

When weaning, you reduce the number of times you use your Promom’s best electric breast pump to help your body switch to producing fewer quantities of milk. Nursing bras are recommended and when you get the right size you’ll be comfortable until your supply is well established. And giving probiotic supplements helps digestion and is good both for the mother and the child. Promom has products that will ease your transition!


The social attachment and nutritional advantages of breastfeeding can appropriately go on for the first year of the child’s life. It is important to know that with a lot of hard work, perseverance, and the appropriate resources, one can be able to overcome these barriers in order to achieve one’s personal breastfeeding objectives. So, by providing your baby with the opportunity to get the best of the best through the breast milk pump products from, you shall be rewarding your little one with the liquid gold they deserve.