6 Reasons Why Moms Love Wearable Electric Breast Pump

Introduction Moms can be stressed enough as it is and being held hostage at a charging port while pumping breast milk shouldn't be something they...
6 Reasons Why Moms Love Wearable Electric Breast Pump


Moms can be stressed enough as it is and being held hostage at a charging port while pumping breast milk shouldn't be something they have to worry about. However, wearable electric breast pumps from Promom are game changers, providing moms with the freedom to move, work, and travel in a convenient way. Read the following 6 benefits of Wearable Electric Breast Pump that will have moms pumping as they go along their way.

Total Flexibility | Promom

The convenience plus of these Wearable Electric Breast Pump is that women can pump anywhere even without a power socket because they can be mobile and that is a huge step towards more comfort and autonomy. Whenever it is at home, in the office, on the go or while away, the battery powered design offers maximum flexibility and allows you to use it to pump whenever it is convenient to your schedule and needs. No more difficulties in finding the available outlet and being forced to stay in one particular place. Freedom!

Pump Anywhere, Anytime with Wearable Electric Breast Pump

The situation is not usually favorable to the busy women who may often not be able to afford a specific hour just for pumping. Where does the time go? One minute we are running from meeting to another, running an errand or drying a diaper. These new Wearable Electric Breast Pump, cordless pumps, that use no cords and traditional pump parts like there were earlier, allow for pumping breasts on the move. Are you one of those people who spend eternity waiting in line at the store? Where the park bench is seated? Driving in the car? No problem! It has a small, wireless design to let you pump even on the go.

More Milk in Less Time | Promom

Wearable Electric Breast Pump have been created for efficiency from the first moment of use, which leads to the rapid milk ejection and flow. Moms have reported on the quicker getting of the necessary quantity of the milk with less pumping time as compared to other pumps. The hands-free topmost section of the kit is designed to slip inside your bra so that both hands are available for texting, working or even managing another kid when pumping. More milk, less effort. Yes, please!

So Discreet - Wearable Electric Breast Pump

For busy mothers who need to pump while away from home, opting for a discreet Wearable Electric Breast Pump will help them maintain their dignity and privacy. Quiet operation, ability of pumping directly into straps of the bra and concealed buttons/hoses, these are just some of the main features that might explain why hospitals now prefer safety, comfort, and ease of use. In the office, wearable pumps are subtle enough to avoid looking distinct, yet they are stylish enough to match every kind of clothes, which means that no matter if part of the pump is showing, it won’t look unprofessional.

Comfort Is Key | Promom

Using the breast pump over a few times every day is not a comfortable thing to do, specially if flanges are not tight enough or pump arms pinch and pull. However they are planned with mother’s comfort being the top priority. Having fewer parts than the current fittings, the kit will feel inside most of your bras and some of the Wearable Electric Breast Pump will let you control suction power through an app. Finally, pain-free pumping!

Safe for Empties, Too - Wearable Electric Breast Pump

Neither the convenience and ease of use of Wearable Electric Breast Pump, nor the ability to store the milk safely is left behind when you are done with an active pumping session. The included collection pouch which fits within the bra is designed to hold freshly expressed milk which is then sealed off, ensuring it stays refrigerator cold right next to the body's natural temperature. Finally, the cleaning process can be finished off by storing unused materials either into bags or bottles.

Game-Changing Freedom | Promom

For the working mothers who need to incorporate pumping into their busy schedules without making any hassles, Wearable Electric Breast Pump is the ultimate solution. Ease of use, portability, privacy, efficiency, and comfort are among the many benefits provided by these pumps that have allowed moms to gather breast milk no matter where their daily duties lead them. Through the after-school programs they fulfill their dreams and return to freedom. What’s not to love?

Promom's Wearable Electric Breast Pumps Are Your Comfort and Freedom.

Life as a mother trying to juggle motherhood with an extremely busy lifestyle can be hard. Promom comes in with their new Promom Neo, an effective Wearable Electric Breast Pump.

  • Hands-Free Pumping: Unlike old fashioned wearable breast pump, Promom Neo enables you to pump while doing other things. This gives you freedom to work, look after your baby, or just rest and express your milk. 
  • Comfort First: Designed with a soft suction that emulates a baby’s natural sucking behavior, the Wearable Electric Breast Pump focuses on the comfort. The design prevents nipple pinching and pulling, making pumping a comfortable process. 
  • Quiet Operation: Silence! The Promom Neo is not noisy and allows privacy to the user so that the baby will not be disturbed during the pumping sessions. 
  • Lightweight and Discreet: With a small size, the Wearable Electric Breast Pump can comfortably be placed in a nursing bra for discreet use anywhere.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The Promom Neo features an inbuilt rechargeable battery which eliminates the hassle of disposable batteries or regular charging. 
  • Easy Cleaning: Promom is aware of the significance of cleanliness. With an affordable breast pump price, it has removable parts for easy cleaning and sanitization, which guarantees the safe storage of milk. 


The digital Wearable Electric Breast Pump by Promom is a turning point for nursing mothers as there hasn't been this level of comfort, efficiency, and discretion. With the need to connect to an outlet and being limited to a certain location, moms can now pump milk wherever they are going without any inconvenience to their daily lives. These pumps with more comfortable and noiseless operation help mothers to have privacy whichever place they are - including home, job or the public. Advancing technology and the pump becoming more affordable and mainstream may be the absolute game changers - they will bring freedom back to the feeding mothers and make the experience of breastfeeding totally new.