How to Maintain a Wearable Electric Breast Pump

Introduction That whole time when you are exhausted and you can’t track any of the surroundings, then the whole Wearable Electric Breast Pump and maintenance...
How to Maintain a Wearable Electric Breast Pump


That whole time when you are exhausted and you can’t track any of the surroundings, then the whole Wearable Electric Breast Pump and maintenance becomes the last things that you need to worry about. However, one of the important things you should always remember is that keeping a good maintenance of your electric breast pump ensures it will keep operating well and it will not harbor bacteria or mold that can make your baby ill. These are some helpful tips, which will show you how to clean and keep in good condition your electric breast pump. This will be always ready whenever you want to use it. 

Maintain Hygiene - Tips by Promom

Make sure that before you engage with your Wearable Electric Breast Pump, you have to wash your hands using soap and warm water. For this one too, you will detach the milk collection kit that will be in direct contact with your milk and wash the parts of it with hot, soapy water or if it is dishwasher safe then just put those parts into the dishwasher. This stuff that would be the environment for bacterial growth is wiped off completely.

Equipped milk collection sets with detachable parts such as breast shields, valves, membranes, and bottles/bags also come with lids and connectors. Having read the user manual, you know to clean all parts that necessitate regular cleaning. Ensure that the drying process is thorough, with no more milk or skimming milk remaining in the corners. Wash your Wearable Electric Breast Pump after that, dry on a clean towel, and finally reassemble the pulled apart parts. Make sure not to dry them with a cloth as doing so could leave lots of threads and fibers that would get stuck in your pump parts and thus contaminate them.

Sanitize Your Wearable Electric Breast Pump Weekly

Besides the daily cleansing, you should disinfect your Wearable Electric Breast Pump kit by a week to destroy all the germs which might survive the old-fashioned soap and water. Buy breast pump wipes for disinfection or prepare your own disinfectant solution by mixing one component of white vinegar with three components of water. Dip all the parts of the pump which had been disassembled and let it soak for 10-15 min, then remove it from water, let it dry. This enables the milk protein and fat to decompose thereby getting rid of it quicker.

If using a sterilizer for your Wearable Electric Breast Pump is more convenient for you, the Electric Steam Sterilizer from Promom can work for you, as it enables you to sterilize many bottles, nipples and breast pump parts simultaneously using hot steam water.

Replace Parts Per Recommendations - Tips by Promom

The manufacturers of Wearable Electric Breast Pump give instructions for when the membranes, valves, and tubes should be replaced to ensure uptake of attributes such as performance at optimal levels. Valves and membranes, in most cases, are prone to having their lifetimes be shorter than other elements in the system. When you still have questions, consult your instruction manual and write down your calendar to note when the replacement parts are due. Don’t let the worn parts past their prime.

Store The Wearable Electric Breast Pump Properly Between Uses

Storing Wearable Electric Breast Pump parts properly means that you need to clean and dry them each time you pump and store them in a safe place to prevent the growth of mold. Next, see to it that you leave all the components of the gas appliance to dry out thoroughly with no moisture left over after washing. Now, put all the dry components in a clean, well-sealed container or bag and refrigerate it every time you want to use it again.

Make sure to get a Wearable Electric Breast Pump bag as well that will help you store the little pieces which tend to get misplaced. Remember to take the kit out of the appointment and put it for some time at room temperature before you will pump next. This will help you to have more comfort and to produce more milk.

Deep Clean Motor Unit of Your Wearable Electric Breast Pump

However, the main recipient of wear and tear is the detachable motorized pump unit, and so it should not be forgotten to occasionally clean even the master motorized Wearable Electric Breast Pump unit. Every month or so, disconnect the machine and use a damp cloth to wipe down the outer part of the unit for morphing the collected dust and dirt particles.

Do the check out the vents, if there isn’t any blockage of fibers or dust it would overheat the motor. Tuck a cotton swab dipped in alcohol rub to the edges of displays and buttons; it can effectively get rid of the dirt. Probably you should allow the plug to be totally dry before you start using your Wearable Electric Breast Pump again.

Stay Aware - Tips by Promom

With each cleaning of your Wearable Electric Breast Pump, make sure you check each part for damage indicated by cracking, discoloration, or torn pieces, which may be indicative of damage. If any parts are in poor condition, replace them immediately to ensure both matching size and proper function.

Additionally, pay attention if the suction of the Wearable Electric Breast Pump is getting weaker as time goes by or milk is no longer flowing through the tubing with the same intensity. They can be blown out of shape or even tear up due to their excessive wear or misalignment. Solve problems by replacing components and re orienting the part if the problem is not solved or reaching to customer support.

By following the cleaning and maintenance schedule for a motor pump and a milk collecting kit at the same time for your Wearable Electric Breast Pump, you can avoid the choke or malfunction of your breast pump, thus paying more attention to your baby without worries of the horrible hygiene level of your pump. Respectively, do not procrastinate your cleanings. Wait until you see dirt or a film buildup on your clothes to get rid of them. But prevent them the best you can before they even happen! Lack of regular clean up gives germs the chance to flourish. Thus, regular maintenance prevents that from happening.


Just in case you are confused on how to properly wash or store your specific make and model of Wearable Electric Breast Pump, recalling your user manual or giving the manufacturer a call would be the ideal solution. Also, feel free to contact your family pediatrician should your baby consume contaminated milk and they will, in turn, provide specialized guidance on how to address this issue. To buy the latest breast pumps from Promom, visit our website!