Pre-Order Details

We are absolutely overjoyed and humbled by the incredible response to our PROMOM Neo! Our innovative wearable breast pump has not just been well-received; it has been embraced with enthusiasm by mothers far and wide.

In our initial release, the PROMOM Neo sold out faster than we ever anticipated, a testament to its ease and comfort. Now, we're excited to bring it back for pre-ordering again. Don't miss this chance to secure yours and join the ranks of satisfied moms who've experienced a transformation in their breastfeeding journey.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Ensure Your Piece: After our first batch sold out so quickly, we're bringing back a limited number of Promom Neos in our next lot. Pre-order to guarantee your access to this beloved product.

  • Priority Shipping: Your early commitment matters to us. Pre-orders are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis  starting from April 20th. By reserving early, you ensure you're among the first to receive the Promom Neo.

  • Join a Community of Happy Moms: By pre-ordering, you're not just buying a breast pump; you're joining a community of mothers who advocate for the best in their breastfeeding experience.

How to Pre-Order:

It's simple: select the Promom Neo package that suits your needs, add it to your cart, and check out. We'll confirm your order and keep you updated until your ProMom Neo is on its way.

We're Here For You:

Got questions? Our customer service team is always ready to help with your pre-order or any inquiries.

Reserve Now:

Become a part of the Promom Neo family. Pre-order today for a new level of ease and comfort in your breastfeeding journey.